To participate in the ICICI 2023 Top Lecturer Program, the participant must pay a fee of IDR 150000 to BNI Acc. no. 0898773126 (Rahimi Fitri). Next, please fill in the participant registration form by attaching proof of payment. However, participants must access to obtain material and certificates from IIAI Japan.

ICICI 2023 is also working with IIAI Japan to organize the 2023 Top Lecturer Program at this international conference. The theme of the lecture program is “Real Progressive AI Research in the World”. The program’s lecturer is a world-renowned AI professor, Prof. Takayuki Ito, from Kyoto University, Japan. By inviting these well-known lecturers, participants have a good opportunity to attend lectures. Please visit for detailed information.

​Refund/Cancellation Policy

Once an applicant pays the registration fee, we will not be proceeded and not be refunded except for lecturer’s cancellation of their lecture. We also regrets that refunds will not be given for no-shows.