When an author intends to submit a paper for publication, the Author must comply with the guidelines and requirements set by the ICICI 2023 conference. An important aspect is ensuring that the paper meets the minimum standards for acceptance and avoids automatic rejection (high similarity, poor English, wrong format). To prevent this, authors should read the submission guidelines carefully and pay attention to specific formatting, content, and citation style requirements. The Author should also ensure that the paper is well structured and clearly written, with concise and coherent arguments. Additionally, the Author should review the work thoroughly for errors, typos, or inconsistencies. Please meet these criteria to avoid automatic paper rejection; therefore, taking the time and effort to review and revise an Author’s work before submitting it for review is important.

Submissions Platform

Submissions, referees, and all correspondence will be made via email. After the author has reviewed and corrected the paper to ensure compliance with international conference guidelines and requirements, the author can send the paper to email: [email protected].

Similarity Check

Most academic institutions and publishers use plagiarism detection software to check for similarity between submitted papers and existing literature. As a general rule, aiming for a similarity score of less than 25% is recommended. This means that the paper should not contain more than 25% of content that matches other sources, including direct quotes, paraphrasing, and citations. To achieve this, you should carefully cite all sources and use quotation marks or block quotes when directly quoting text from other sources. Additionally, you should ensure that your writing is original and reflects your own ideas and perspectives. It is important to note that similarity scores are just one factor that is considered when evaluating a paper and that other factors, such as originality, relevance, and contribution to the field, are also taken into account.


English is the working language of the conference. If English is not your native language, please have your papers read by a native English speaker, or seek online services proofreading to improve the language of your papers. Please note that your paper is subject to further review, and it may be rejected if it is deemed that English of your paper is not acceptable.

Paper preparation (doc/docx format) and template

Papers must be written on A4-format page according to the template Manuscripts, minimum four (4) pages and up to seven (7) pages in length for IEEE. Submissions exceeding eight (8) pages will not be accepted. In addition, submission must be in doc or docx format.

IEEE template Manuscripts founded here.

Important Policy

We are very concerned about plagiarism and double submissions. Therefore, the papers reviewed must not contain plagiarized material and have never been submitted to a conference/workshop/symposium simultaneously.

To be published in the ICICI 2023 Conference Proceedings and to be eligible for publication in the IIAI Digital Library, an author of an accepted paper must register for the conference at the total (member or non-member) rate. The article must be presented by an author of that paper at the conference unless the TPC Chair grants permission for a substitute presenter arranged in advance of the event who is qualified both to present and answer questions. Non-refundable registration fees must be paid before uploading the paper’s final IEEE formatted, publication-ready version. Accepted and presented papers will be submitted to IIAI Digital Library.

The paper may be excluded from conference proceedings if the presentation is not made at the conference. No-show papers are not also recommended in post-conference publications. IIAI congress does not receive the submitted papers by past no-show authors.